Monday, April 8, 2019

5 Practical Easy Steps to reduce Stress

In the fast moving life, people hardly take out time to Relax their mind. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours is not enough for the mind to function efficiently. Road-rages, Politics at the workplace, Quarrels with partner or Breakup in the relationships and other issues fill the mind with Stress and our productivity stops decreasing. We all deserve to be relaxed and calm. Let's find out how to make it possible.
One doesn't need a Spa or vacation refreshment to get relaxed, although they have their own benefits. I have tried gathering few easy practical Stress-Relieving strategies & tips which can revive you from mental stress to relaxed healthy mind by simply investing 5 to 10 minutes on each step as per your ease. Let's quickly get into the relaxation mode:

1) Focus on your breathing: 

Sit down on a Chair or on a Yoga Mat for 5 to 10 minutes in a quiet room. Try practicing deep breaths (also known as belly breathing). While breathing, gently disengage your mind from distracting thoughts, sensations and focus only on the counting of your breaths
Once you start counting, distractions & thoughts moving at the speed of light in your mind will automatically start reducing and your mind will become calm & clutter free.

Tip: Try Focussing on breath count for 5 to 10 minutes daily whenever you find time to relax.

2) Try to be in your Present Moment: 

Try having awareness near you to gather info about the truth. Being in whichever situation, either bad or good, the focus should always be on living the present moment fullest. Studies reveal that being in the present moment helps reduces stress. It helps you live in reality rather in the state of illusion or future possibilities. People have forgotten enjoying their life every moment, as life is precious, they are just living for the sake of living and passing their time. 
From now, whenever you walk in the park, feel the air on your face and the feet hitting the ground. Enjoy the taste of every meal rather than just eating it. If you start focusing on how you to live this present time to the fullest, you will be productive, and stress-free. 
भूतकाल व्याकुल करे और भविष्य भरमाय, वर्तमान में जो जिए तो जीना आ जाय 

Tip: Develop a habit of being yourself in the present moment. Live it completely to make it the best moment of your life. Each minute of your life matters. Life is short, live every second to make it cheerful.

3) Disconnect with Technology: 

Try switching off your mobile phones for at least one hour daily. Doing this, you will get two benefits. One is you add life to your mobile, and second, you will get at least one hour time to start thinking about yourself. What all you have? How you can improve? What all would be required to achieve your goals? Answers to these question can't be provided by someone else. You are the best person to know yourself. If you ask your mind, I guarantee you will definitely get the answers. Jot down in the diary and start working on them from today itself. Once you start improving, stress will automatically reduce.

Tip: Try disconnecting yourself from the mobile & social media for sometime daily and trust me your mind would become most productive during that time. 

4) Consider reading your favourite book to upgrade your skills:

"Reading is a habit which will never let your thoughts become negative." By Reading, I mean something productive which can add knowledge & upgrade your skills at your job place, or let you become a part of a story. Rather than wasting time on TV, chatting or gossiping with others, the habit of reading can be seen to be the best way to reduce stress. 
Today you have plenty of options to choose your desired book such as Amazon Kindle (also available as an Android App on Google Play Store), Play Books App (Android platform), Pdf books on Computer, or buy them in hard copy if you wish to read them on paper. You even get the option of Audiobooks on Audible, try 1 month free, it's available.

Tip: Reading your favourite blog or book for at least 30 minutes a day can never let you become negative in life. Start today itself, Tomorrow never comes. Remember What is not started Today is never finished tomorrow. 

5) Exercise Daily:

Any form of exercise, such as walking, running or yoga can ease depression and anxiety by helping the brain release feel-good chemicals. It also gives your body a chance to practice & deal with stress. You can go for a quick walk in the park near your house, or do some stretching exercises to relax your body & mind. 
Cardio and Yoga can play a major role in making your body stress free. It is said “A Sound Mind dwells in a Sound Body", and when we have a sound mind, we learn faster and get better results.
So from now whenever you feel stressed, remind yourself to follow the above easy steps to de-stress yourself. I hope this blog will surely help you bring closer to an idea on how you can reduce your stress level. If you would like to add something, will appreciate if you could post your comments below. Thanks a ton for reading my blog. 

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat at Home.

If building a six-pack abs were easy, almost everyone would have sexy abs. It’s not only the actual effort that’s hard, however knowing “how” to burn Stomach Fat/Belly Fat correctly is a big challenge for youngsters. Unhealthy eating habits in addition to less knowledge on how to lose it easily make us fatty.

FullDayEnergy goal is to help you the provide the best & practical ways to burn the belly fat, to get you in shape and have a well-toned stomach.

I urge you to bookmark our link and read to burn the unwanted calories with our easy exercises to burn stomach fat quickly:

1) Walking or the best would be Running: 

I read a lot of comments of youngsters asking ‘How does moving legs shrink love handles?’. By walking, we are not actually targeting Belly Fat, but its helping in reducing calories from our body. And reduction starts from that part where fat is mostly collected, i.e., at the belly. So the best you can do is start Moving your body.

As while exercising in the Gym or Running in the park, calories are burned and your body fat percentage decreases. Hence, exercising not only helps you lose belly fat, but it also sheds fat from other areas. Walking and the best is running are two of the most results-producing fat-burning exercises. The best part of these two steps is it doesn't require any equipment. It requires the will to stand up and run for 10 minutes until your body starts sweating.

Important: Start and Make a habit of Running at least 10 minutes daily to see the results.

2) Bicycling: 

Have you ever seen a rickshaw puller or anybody who does cycling daily having belly fat? I hope never. I understand the work schedule doesn't allow us to take the bicycle out. However, if we can give an Excercise Bicycle some space and start exercising for 10 to 15 minutes daily, it can give us enormous results. The bicycle exercise is ranked as No.1 as it requires body rotation, abdominal stabilization, and more abdominal muscle activity.
The Real Bicycle lovers can still be seen with helmets and cycling for few Kilometres daily on Roads. It all starts from within. Whether you have the will to be fit and looking good. An average person can burn the average person can burn between 250 to 500 calories during a 30-minute bike ride depending on the speed and intensity.

Tip: Bring the gift of Exercise Cycling at home and give it space if your schedule is tight.

3) Crunches:

Crunches are the best way to burn belly fat and are considered the topmost fat-burning exercises. It’s the right time to start performing this exercise.


a) Lie down flat on a yoga mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground.
b) Place them behind your head, or keep them crossed on your chest.
c) Inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper chest off the floor, exhale.
d) Inhale again as you get back down, and exhale as you come up.

Tip: Try crunches for 10 times as a beginner. Increase the sets until it becomes easier for you to do two to three sets everytday.

4) Simple Jumping:

We all have seen children jumping in the park or on the playground. Try jumping like the children for 5 minutes. Simple jumps for daily 5 minutes can help you to get a flat belly. You can jump in your home or you can go out in the park and can do jumps for 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
Tip: Start with 10 or 15 jumps. After some days you can increase your number or time. Repeat and complete at least 50 to 80 Jumps every day.

5) Bending Side to Side:

Its the simplest exercise and can be performed anytime at home or even at the park. Try it the early morning after waking up for 5 to 10 minutes and increase slowly. Try it for 2 or 3 times a day. This exercise is considered to be a good exercise to lose belly fat.
There are so many easy exercises you can do to lose belly fat. Most exercises can be started from the home and later once you feel them comfortable, do make them a habit to see best results. There is so much of useful stuff coming, don't forget to Subscribe from the top of this page.

"I think age is just a number & not nearly as important as health. You can be in poor health and be pretty miserable at 40 or 50. If you're in good health, you can enjoy things into your 80s as well" - by Bob Barker.

Remember, you cannot get the results by looking at someone. It has to be started with you, from you and within you to get the results.

Thanks a ton for reading my blog and appreciating previous ones.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kingfisher Instant Beer launched

Vijay Mallya (born 18 December 1955) was known as King of Good Times. He lives a luxury lifestyle. However, the cruel twist of fate converted him to "Monarch of Loan Defaulters'. He has been arrested on April 18, 2019 in London, produced in a Metropolitan Court and later granted bail.

Mr. Malya's United Breweries is India's largest producer of Kingfisher beer brand and has announced a new product Kingfisher Instant Beer Sachet, the first instant beer which is made by mixing beer powder and carbonation powder into cold water.

This product is touted to be able to make beer by simply opening a sachet and mixing with chilled water. It can be bought in a packet which contains two sachets in it. One having carbonation powder and the other one, the beer powder. The beer powder is made by the drying process of the actual beer which separates the water from the dry matter of the beer.

To get the refreshing beer, which should have the “same great taste” like normal Kingfisher beer, all you need to do is to pour the Carbonation Powder into chilled Water and stir it to mix. Now, add and mix the Beer Powder in the previous mix to get an instant ready-made beer.

If you like its taste, its main advantage over rest will be it's easy transportation & storage. Kingfisher explained the same in their commercial stating “Often it becomes difficult to carry your beer around or to stock it".  The Kingfisher Commercial states at its end “Available from April 1 onwards:

While launching it, Kingfisher released a video saying: "As the leading Beer brand of the country, Kingfisher feels that it is our responsibility to ensure that your beer drinking experience is hassle-free. Presenting the all-new Kingfisher Instant Beer. Just add to chilled water, stir and enjoy the good times anytime, anywhere."

“A drink as free as beer doesn’t deserve to be bottled up. As the leading beer brand of the country, it is our responsibility to keep our consumers satisfied with breakthrough innovations: A beer that is free of all packaging, that is easy to store, carry or drink anytime, anywhere.”

You would be wondering why nobody else ever come up with an idea like this. Anyways, Mr. Mallya seems successful in his new idea to enjoy the Good Times directly from the pocket into the glass. People look damm curious about it.

Do try and post your comments on what you think about Mr. Mallya's new instant beer. 😊🍷

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Top 5 Best Indoor Plants for your Bedroom

Should we keep plants inside our bedrooms?

Our body requires at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and if we miss that out, our energy level remains down and we are less productive & energized the next day. Stress and workload also play a major role in increasing insomnia issues

We try to focus on eating the right foods, buying an extra cosy mattress, and head massage for better quality sleep, however, very few people think about bringing plants inside our bedrooms that can help us get relive from a lot of anxieties & stress. 

Giving them space inside the bedroom makes not only the decor looks cool and pretty but also helps in boosting energy as they remove antioxidants from the air and fill your bedroom with fresh oxygen.

Lets quickly check out few plants that provide Oxygen to us in the night. All of them would be easily available from the nearby nurseries. Bring them and feel the change in just 1 week: 

1) Lavender Plant

It will look nice in your room and fill the air with a calming scent. Its Latin and the Scientific name is Lavandula. Your kids, spouse and all of your family members will love its smell. It likes warmth and indirect sunlight, so ensure to place it on a sunny window sill. In summers, water it and keep the soil moist. In Winters, water only when soil becomes dry.

It has a life of 15 years and can manage to be healthy if you care it just a little bit. The light from standard Fluorescent Tubes for at least 5 to 6 hours a day would be sufficient enough for its healthy growth.

The best thing about Lavender Plant is that it grows easily from cuttings. Just break off a healthy stem, trim most of the leaves off, and put in clean water.  After a few days when the roots start generating, pot up in soil and you will get a fresh new Lavender plant for your another room.

2) Jasmine:  

These pretty ivory/white flowers have a similar effect like Lavender Plant. The gentle and the soothing scent of Jasmine helps reduce anxiety levels, giving you a better quality night's sleep. It flowers all year to brighten your home. They give off a sweet scent that is often used in its essential oils made particularly for relaxation. Jasmine Plants require bright indirect light throughout the year.

Place it on the window sill where Sun's indirect light comes. If it can't be possible, then choose the place where it can get Fluorescent Tube light for least for 5 to 6 hours a day. Do water it regularly during flowering periods.

The best thing about Jasmine plant is that you can grow it from its cuttings. In the Spring season, break off the healthy Stem and keep it in clean water till it generates roots. Then poke into damp soil pot, and you will get a fresh new Jasmine Plant propagated for another room.

3) Aloe Vera: 

This plant is a very powerful plant that has a ton of positive effects. When you peel off its leaf, you'll find a gel that can be used in a variety of ways. It can naturally treat sunburn, frostbite, dry skin, cold sores, itching, along with other skin conditions. In South India, one can get an Aloe vera Juice which is loaded with antioxidants and helps digestion and strengthen your immune system.

It is one of the most beneficial plants for a multitude of problems, it's been used for medicinal purposes from ancient times. It is hardy to adverse weather conditions and suits to grow in bright light and deserts. It is effective in cleaning Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air.

It also helps in sleep quality in the night. It produces oxygen at night to give you a calm, restful sleep. Caring for an aloe vera plant is simple because it doesn't require much care and watering. Do keep it in a spot in your bedroom that has a lot of direct sunlight or in the light of Fluorescent Tubes Light for at least 5 to 6 hours a day.

The best thing about the Aloe Vera plant is its baby plants grow automatically from the roots which you can later separate them once they are little mature and plant them in a separate pot to make a new Aleo Vera Plant for another room.

Its growing habits: 

Light – Shade, bright light
Watering – Less frequent
Temperature – 15 to 45 degree Celsius
Common names – Aloe, aloe vera, ghritkumari
Botanical name – Aloe barbadensis mill

4) Snake Plant: 

It's also known as "Mother-in-Law's Tongue" plant. It is an all-natural Air Purifier plant. This plant emits oxygen at night time, which helps to improve the quality of indoor air so you can get the best sleep in the night. The coolest thing about this plant is that it also acts as a filter.  
It removes harsh chemicals and toxins like Xylene, Trichloroethylene, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Benzene from the air so you can worry less about breathing that in. Its low-maintenance plant to keep around in every bedroom in your house for better sleep.

The snake plant is tough to kill. It can last for a month without watering it. The leaves are typically tall, stiff, vertical, and looks like a snake-tongue at the end of the leaf due to which it got its nickname "snake plant."

It is one of the hardiest and a perfect indoor plant which does not require brighter sunlight as well as frequent watering. 

The best thing about Snake Plant is you can grow from its leaf cutting. If you divide one long leaf into three parts, you can grow them in order of cut (cut part should go into the soil) and can have three new plants from it within a few weeks. Moreover, it grows baby plants itself from its roots.  Bring this plant once in your home and add it to all your rooms. It will only be a one time buy.

Its growing habits:

Location – Indoors
Light – Shade, artificial light
Watering – Less frequent
Temperature – 5 to 45 degree Celsius
Common names – Mother in laws tongue, snake plant
Botanical name – Sansevieria laurentii

5) Money Plant: 

As per Vastu experts, plants in our day-to-day lives activate positive energy. Planting money plant inside the house is recommended by Vastu as it brings good luck and prosperity. This plant should be kept in South-East direction of the living room or hall. In Vastu, South-East direction owner is Lord Ganesha and planet that rule is Venus.

Money plant is one of the hardiest plants which do well in most of the indoor environmental conditions. It is effective in cleaning Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Toluene from the air. Water the plant once every 7 to 10 days during summer and every 15 to 20 days in winters. 

The best thing about Money Plant is you can grow another Money Plant from its Stems. Cut the Healthy Stem and put it inside the Glass Bottle having clean water and keep it in a place where a good amount of indirect sunlight or light from Fluorescent Tube should fall on it for at least 5 to 6 hours a day.

Its growing habits:

Location – Indoors
Light – Shade, artificial light
Watering – Less frequent
Temperature – 15 to 45 degree celsius
Common names – Golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, silver vine, islands ivy, devils ivy
Botanical name – Epipremnum aureum

The right indoor houseplant can add beauty, zen decor and improve your in-house air up to 75%. So there is no need to worry if you haven’t grown anything before, all the above-mentioned plants are best for indoors and giving them space in your bedroom is the best way to breathe healthy air
Mostly all of the above plants are suitable for beginners and hardly requires any care. Pick one, and as your confidence grows, you can start adding all the above plants to your home.

I hope you liked this post and would take a stand to bring all of the above useful plants inside your home for the benefit of your family. Thank you so much for reading my blog. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Why 65% people never create Financial Plans for their future?

A financial plan plays an important role in achieving your financial goals. Let's understand why its important for you and your family's future.

There is a famous quote "if we are failing to plan then - we are planning to fail." Today's generation despite earning a good salary lacks a proper guidance and direction of financial planning for their future aim. Most people don't even have any financial aims for their future.

Salaried employees hardly get any time to think and work on their financial planning. If they find the time, they don't find the proper guidance to follow.  Their 9-to-6 job for five or six days a week along with their travel in heavy traffic leaves no time to think about anything apart from their daily routine.

Most of these people never do financial planning and later have to start their financial planning to recover similar to the person consuming medicine to recover after contracting a disease. In simple words, financial planning is actually a vaccine which should be taken much before.

To be honest, future security comes from a good financial plan. We all hope we will live well past our 75 years, however, how many have thought of these questions below:

Will you be financially independent at that time? 

Do we have an income or savings today that will help you tomorrow? 

Will the amount we have would enable us to be financially independent at the time we will not be earning as good as today? 

Friends, here comes the importance of Financial Planning. A financial plan can help you survive mostly in the bad times, and keep you away from the trap of loans. Let's check out in simple language How to do Financial Planning and dig deep dive into it:

1. Set your Financial Goals today:

Create two sets of financial goals, Short Term Goals (how much money would be required in the next three to five years) and Long-Term Goals (how much money would be sufficient after the retirement for a living and have a working plan to get decent returns).

Divide the amount as required for your short-term and long-term goals. Create a balanced flow between both of them. Try not to disturb this planning until an emergency arises. It will help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals successfully.
Decide how much money would be required for your goals and if you want to achieve it, financial planning is all it takes. As there is an expert dietician for a good diet plan, similarly there are financial advisors available to help you create a financial portfolio for you. Get this step done today itself.

Hot Tip: Decide what you want at various phases of your life, set your financial goals accordingly. Write down all the possible steps required in sequence from start to end along with time stamp on them. Start working on the first one today itself. 

2. Manage your finances: 

Financial goals must be managed well according to the financial plan set for them. Its easy and could be possible. It helps you in anticipating and balancing how much money would be required for monthly expenses, holiday trips, kitty parties, income tax, and for unplanned expenses.

3. Note down your cash flow: 

Most people despite earning hefty salaries don't even know where their whole salary is spent and falls into the situation of lending money from friends etc. before the month end. I recommend you to make a financial journal, where you jot down your weekly budget, and track your extra expenses. Track your cash flows regularly until you become expert in managing it. Carefully monitor all your spending habits. This habit of tracking will help you become more cautious towards your expenses.

The more money you will save, you will find extra for investments. Invest wisely so that you can make your hard earned money work for you.

Hot Tip: There is a famous quote - "Something which is not measured or tracked, never gets improved" or it would not be incorrect if you say "If you can't track your expenses, you cannot improve your financial condition." Start tracking every major or minor expense from today itself.

4. Keep family at priority: 

All our goals are incomplete without our family. So, the financial plan is also incomplete without keeping the family in mind. Having a proper insurance cover and all the policies in place will give your family the protection and will you achieve peace of mind and breathe easy by ensuring that your existence or absence will not impact much on your family's financial future.

Hot Tip: Cover yourself with life insurance for your family's future.

5. Choose the right investments: 

If Investments will be done properly, its outcome will be outstanding. Investments help in the financial planning to achieve your objectives and goals with a surplus amount of accumulated wealth in need of an emergency. Every person has his own financial requirements depending upon his personality, lifestyle, and needs. Similarly, the investment plan has to be unique for every individual.

Hot Tip: Choose the right investment plan keeping the strategy to fulfill short-term and long-term goals at the right time.

6. Lifestyle: 

It's true that an overnight success or wealth is common in dreams or films. In true life, its hard, sacrificing and takes time to become rich & wealthy. However, without a proper financial plan and set of goals becoming rich is still superficial. Your lifestyle plays an important role in your financial plan.

If you will not be careful, your lifestyle or your living standard can turn you from rich to poor in a short span of time. Your standard of living should never be dependent on credit cards. The savings done with good planning on lifestyle will always prove beneficial.

Hot Tip: Financial Planning will help you a lot in sticking and not exceeding the amount spent on living standards. It helps in the long run to achieve your goals.

7. Financial Education: 

You don't need to go back to school or college to gain knowledge about finance. In finance, there are two terms mostly used, Assets and Liabilities. You just need to understand these two terms. The worlds richest people understand these two terms very deeply. Your financial plan will help you build Assets.

Let's understand Assets and Liabilities with the help of an example. Suppose your friend is going to buy a car. You know it loses its value the time it's out from the showroom and adds an extra expense on the financial plan. By this example I don't mean buying a car is a liability for everyone. It depends. It's a liability for those who hardly drive it even once a month.

The idea here is to gain a level of understanding into finance which will lead to managing your lifestyle and your budget. More assets and less liabilities in your life help you avoid unnecessary burdens or loans in the future. 

Disclaimer: Not to offend anyone who is planning to buy a car or already have it. The point here is more liabilities might reduce your chances of achieving your financial goals. 

Hot Tip: If you want to become rich, buy mostly assets. Think from the prospectus before buying anything, will it add to my asset or liability column. If the answer comes liability, take a deep breath and clearly say No to that buy. 

On the contrary, if you don't any liability and also no assets, then also its a condition of being poor. By asset, I mean something which increases value in your life and its value should not go down. In short buy assets in your life rather than liabilities.

8. Develop a Skill - "How to save?": 

Try to save a decent amount for a rainy day and also when it doesn't rain. The inflation rising daily, monthly, year by year can take you off the track if you don't have a proper financial plan. The savings set aside in your financial plan helps you in distributing your money and utilize it in the times of emergency rather than disturbing other funds kept safe for short-term or long-term goals.

Hot Tip: Money saved is money earned. Try adding at least some amount in your piggy bank to develop a habit of saving in your sub-conscious mind. It works.

9. Add charity fund in your Financial Plan: 

Its seen from the history of records that nobody got a name or fame without charity. I think it should not be for name or fame, it should be for your self-satisfaction. There are a lot of things we have by the grace of God, and we find so many deprived people from all those facilities. We can share a few things we don't use to give them the privilege to use and enjoy.

From your charity fund, you can arrange food for some poor people or maybe for animals. At least keep a small amount of fund which you can best utilize for the charity. Try giving something back you earned to the world to get real satisfaction.

Remember giving money to poor is not just charity, however, bringing change in someone's life out of your charity fund could actually be a charity.

The whole Story Cut Short :  

Financial Plan helps you secure your financial future and also in achieving your short-term and long-term goals. Plan it in a way which can be calculated and seems feasible. Add the emotional value to your financial goals & future. When you get emotional about what you want, the things begin to happen. It could be done in consultation with your life partner or with your financial advisor.

Every individual in the family has his own financial needs, hence financial plan should be customized and a complete assessment of current financial circumstances should be done beforehand. Decide what all things you could afford to buy this year from the budget in your financial planning and work hard to achieve it e.g., You are planning to buy a 7 Kg Front Door Washing Machine. If it would be in the plan, you would most probably not go wrong with the product and it will be an asset for you.

So, it is important that a well-defined financial plan should be developed by knowing what's good and suitable for your future. Thanks a ton for reading my blog. If its beneficial for you, do share it on Social Media and don't forget to Subscribe from the top.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day (Step by Step)

Thanksgiving Day - is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of  November month every year. Everybody enjoys a national holiday on this day in the US. It is celebrated from a long time ago since 1789. The national holiday wasn't until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln (16th President of United States), declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday every year in November during the American Civil War. This day brings the start of the fall/winter holiday season in the U.S. which brings happiness & joy. 😆

1. Why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day? 

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the near & dear ones in our friends & family and the closing of the fall harvest. It's a special day to express our feelings of thanks and a deep sense of gratitude to the close ones. Its the day to feel how lucky we are to have them in our life.
A special day dedicated to saying thanks to those who care for you, your parents, your family for being with you in every situation of your life. It is as simple as it sounds, a day to “give thanks” to everyone in this world who brought changes to your life.

2) How did it start? When was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the US?

Long ago in November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast. Its remembered as American’s “first Thanksgiving”.

3) How should we celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Everyone has his/her own way of celebrating it. Celebrate it with your family that gave us life, who brought us into this world, gave us all the options we could think of. Moreover, we have seen them sacrificing their lives for our happiness. The first thanks is for them. Do whatever you wish you think will make them feel happier on this Thanksgiving day.

Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

4) How to plan for this special Thanksgiving Day?

On this special day, make sure you don't forget to watch

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.(Eastern Time) on 22 Nov 2018, Thursday.

Live Spot: 77th Street & Central Park West to Macy's Herald Square, NYC - Set an alarm 5 minutes.

Live Telecast on internet will be made available from 9AM at

a) Click

b) Open NBC Live website. Click

5) After the parade, Shop before the shop closes.

Mostly grocery stores in the US are opened only for the first half on this day, so make sure you get to the store early to arrange all the ingredients you’ll need for your cooking.

6) After shopping. 

You can enjoy American Football. Cheer up for your favorite team. 

7) Dinner Time - cook the best meal:

a) Mashed Potatoes. Delicious and easy to make.

b) Green Bean Casserole (cream of mushroom soup, fried onions & green beans).

c) Candied Yams - Sweet potatoes are usually yellow in color. Creamy types of potatoes are also called Yams. The sweet flavor and soft texture of these potatoes make them a versatile dish for the main course.
You can either bake them, mash them like the regular potatoes or make a casserole with them You can add brown sugar and butter, spices, place marshmallows on top and bake them into candied yams, resulting in a deliciously sweet dish looking like a candy.

d) Pumpkin Pie - Its been a favorite Thanksgiving classics from a long time. It's still in the trend. Its flavor represents the arrival of Autumn season. You can find pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice cookies and even pumpkin spice sausages and bagels in the market. If you have tried any one of these, you know that the flavor doesn’t even seems like having actual pumpkin in it.

Only the pumpkin pie has pumpkin in it. Its delicious warm spice and pumpkin filling inside a flaky crust will surely warm you up. (Indian too have a sweet dish called in Hindi 'Petha" which is made from white pumpkin aka winter melon). 

Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream
In US, Thanksgiving meal is generally made in good quantity and a lot of it is left after the dinner. The leftover food is then left to be consumed for the next day.

8) Why we should be thankful on this day? Think again.

During Thanksgiving, we should be thankful because we get to be with the family that gave us life, and who brought us into this world. They care for us and would never give up in our hard times. We should be thankful to all those who tried reconnecting with us after a long time ago. Also to all those friends with whom enjoy a lot and we feel to be lucky to have them in our life. Last but not the least one should also be thankful to God for our health for which if you care, it can reward you 100 times in return. 

9) What's After ThanksGiving Day?

a) After Thanksgiving, there is another famous day, known as Black Friday. On this day, stores across the country have huge sales where people wait in line for hours to buy cheap products (mostly for Christmas gifts).

b) Online buyers wait for the coming Monday which is known as Cyber Monday, where offline store mostly sell online on the internet on huge discounts. Many people wait for this particular day to purchase a lot of things online. Shopping list feels light on this day. 😊

If you are reading this blog post from anywhere in this word, you don’t have to live in America or Canada to enjoy Thanksgiving. All you need is a healthy food, an empty belly (stomach) and your family and/or friends. Enjoy as much as you can with them.
Wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 
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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Practical Easy Steps to Reduce Belly Fat.

Practical Easy Steps to Reduce Belly Fat: 

1) After wake up, consume a glass of warm water with lemon juice daily. Make it a habit for 90 days without giving a break even for one day. Prepare in the night for early morning.

Drink warm water with lemon juice early morning daily

2) Increase the water intake during the day. Always take the water bottle along with you when you move out. It helps you drink clean water. Also, ensure not to drink water along with food. Instead, drink at least 30 minutes before the meal.

Drink as much water as you can during the day. 

3) Remove junk food from your brunch as much as possible - Samosas, burgers, patties will gradually increase belly fat. Try Poha, Masala Oats, brown-bread sandwich or Soup. We find healthy food as well in the market, the only thing we ignore is our health when we buy oily fried junk food.

If you can't find healthy food, at least choose the best. Ignore the taste for good health. Remember you eat food for the health.  Try it for at least 60 days. Say No frankly to junk food no matter whoever invites you.

4) Reduce the intake of sugar or sugar-sweetened drinks. Try Natural Fruits Juice. Half of the taste comes from sweets. If anything good happens, the first thing we bring in is sweets, pastries or cakes. The celebration seems imperfect without it. However, its harmful to health in terms of belly fat. Try to avoid sugary products as much as possible to reduce belly fat.

Fresh Fruits with Juice

5) Take meals in small quantity 5-6 times a day. Follow the descending order. Calorie controlled breakfast should be the heavier in comparison to Lunch and Dinner. Take healthy salads, fruits, and sprouts in between the three major meals whenever you take breaks at work.


6) Increase intake of protein and fiber-rich meals - it helps in reducing belly fat a lot faster. eg., beans, broccoli, oats, whole grains, fruits like strawberries, apples, carrots, radish, etc. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Bananas are rich in fiber and easily available.

7) Fix your time for meals & follow the same every day. Changing the duration of meals every day will result in health loss. It's easy & possible. Remember Irregular intake of meals disturbs the digestion.

8) Consume dinner minimum 2 hours before sleep. Give at least 2 hours of time to digest the food before sleep. Never consume the food and straight away go to sleep. Instead, take a walk for 30 minutes.

Follow Simple Exercise at least 10 minutes a day every day:  🏄 🎾  🏈 🏃

1) Jogging for at least 5 minutes whenever you get time. Running gives a small pump to the body. If it is difficult to find a park or go outside, you could try running like a treadmill inside the room for 5 minutes. I know it sounds funny 😆, however its possible daily.

Run for at least 5 minutes daily.

2) If you work on 2nd, 3rd or on higher floors in the building. I suggest you follow the stairs at least once. Its possible three times a week while returning from the break.

Try using the stairs wherever possible. It helps in reducing belly fat.

3) Exercise such as Crunches, Low Belly Leg Reach, Boat Pose (Navasana), Planks. You will get videos on youtube related to all these exercises. Its possible to do any one of them for 5 minutes daily.

Last but not the least - Believe in yourself that you can lose belly fat or weight. Yes, it's possible. Results can be seen within 60 to 90 days if you follow above methods daily. Time will vary for each individual. Remember you have to push yourself to the extreme to get results. You have to give your best to get good out of it.

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