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My name is Ajey Gupta and I’m truly excited to share the practical ideas on becoming healthy with mind & body. It's easy and possible. Friends, health is often seen ignored in our day to day hectic life which results in back pain, stress, anxiety, depression etc. Sometimes, we also feel a lack of knowledge or passion to search for the cause behind it. 

I believe if all we could maintain and work on our health daily, we will be charged with "FULL DAY ENERGY" and our productivity at work would definitely increase resulting in more wealth. Friends, the motive behind starting this blog is to share practical tips & tricks to remain healthy in our day to day life. 

Once I heard a child asking someone "Is health better than wealth?

At that moment I personally thought money is actually very powerful. Later, I realized that there is one thing that money fails to buy, and that is health. Money could only help you in buying a nutritional diet. However, the majority of the humans fail in deciding to choose the best diet at the right time with a proper nutritional chart. 

I was going through a book in which Dalai Lama was interviewed & asked, "What surprises him the most?". I think his response would have compelled a lot of humans into action. He replied, “First a man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices more money to regain his health", with a smile on his face. 

Once you get into critical health problems, it becomes hard to return to the life you once had before.

Friends, there is so much to discuss health and this being the first post I would like to keep it short. In the upcoming posts, I will be posting dozens of useful practical tips & tricks which would be easy to adapt & helpful. It will definitely improve your health and will make you become as fit as you could be. 

Thanks a ton for reading my first blog. I hope you like it. Do share your valuable comments below.

Next blog: Do Men Tend to Collect more belly fat than Women?

Ajey Gupta


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